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How do you craft experiences that drive user's emotions and create lasting memories?

It’s no longer enough to have a great product or a catchy slogan for your business or product. When choosing a product or service, consumers have almost unlimited options and the ability to compare and contrast in the palm of their hand. Consumers need a product or service they choose to provide “real” value not only from what they purchased but from the company supplying it as well. This value provides experiences with your brand and these experiences create emotional bonds and memories with them. This attachment to your brand that you’ve created instills in them the desire to share their experience with their friends, family, and anyone else willing to listen. The marketing your business receives from this is invaluable.

“These honest and raw discussions about your brand happen at times that you cannot control but you have set the stage for this wildfire of positive brand imaging to start and sweep through everything it touches.”

How do you craft these experiences? What emotions do we want our consumers to feel? What memories do we want people to share with those around them? These questions are easier to answer with the technology that is here now and upcoming. We are going to focus on three technologies that provide users with unparalleled experiences that are unlike anything they have witnessed in the past.

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Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality provides us with a stage to craft a reality that can inspire a journey to an unforgettable world. With a world full of noise, we encourage users to focus on a reality that you have crafted specifically for them. This isn’t about showing people what you are as a brand or organization. This virtual reality is a blank canvas where experiences are not limited by the real world, but the possibilities are endless.

“It’s time to showcase your vision and drive user's emotions to help them create new memories for them to share.”

Engagement is simple; people are hungry for a brand that provides experiences that they can be a part of and that they can interact with. Give them this opportunity to relive a moment, witness an event, explore a location, or anything else your mind can dream up. Virtual Reality is the future of consumer engagement or should we say experiences.

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Augmented Reality

Blending realities encourages new perspectives for people to interact with their favorite content. When they can interact with products or ideas in their own physical environments, this brings a fresh new engagement factor. Users can try on clothes, see a car in their garage or even play a game with the world around them. Augmented reality is a great way for consumers to experience your brand from anywhere they are. When you craft an experience that delights your users, they can bring their friends along for the journey and share an augmented experience together.

“That is a perspective worth seeing, worth sharing, and worth creating.”

Kudo App
Kudo App

Native Applications

With there being “an app for anything” a user must be convinced that they need another app and it must continue to provide usefulness for them to keep it. Applications must not only provide an intuitive user experience but must also keep the user engaged. Your application must facilitate user engagement; people expect to be connected to anyone or anything and at anytime. This community feeds off of your brand providing exciting, relevant experiences that they can share and interact with.

“Create a presence for your brand and provide engaging content to build a community.”

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These technologies, virtual reality, augmented reality, and native applications, provide the base for your brand to craft amazing experiences that can foster creativity, keeps your users informed, and encourages sharing among their friends.

"It’s time to set the stage for the people, and when they love it, they will be your fireworks, your epilogue, your Part: 2."