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Training, Creation, & Collaboration in VR / AR - 3 Key Areas That Affect Your Internal Business

Crafting experiences in virtual and augmented reality that affect the internals of a business can be just as important as creating brand experiences. We are going to focus on three key areas where virtual and augmented reality can be applied and be used successfully in your business.


Training is a natural evolution for virtual and augmented reality. It provides the means to recreate scenarios that otherwise could be hard to replicate or not be cost effective to replicate in real-life. It also provides a means to ensure training is done the same way across all your employees if consistency is vital to your business's success. Training scenarios could be applied to many different business types from learning how to operate machinery, how to fix something, how to interact with various types of people, or even providing various complex situations to teach situational awareness. The good thing is that this evolution of learning can be applied to almost any business and across almost any vertical.

Workforce Creation Tools

I believe this area of implementation is the hardest for people to grasp as it changes the way people have been doing their work in the current sense. The impact that a virtual or augmented reality application could have on a business is astronomical. Improvements could be made across numerous business verticals. Instead of using a 2D screen to design or architect something for real life, imagine designing it in virtual reality where everything is by default in 3D and surrounding you. Imagine interacting and building your products in our natural environment through augmented reality lenses. Imagine using natural human gestures with your hands to interact with your tools instead of a mouse and keyboard. This could lead to better products, better services, better productivity, and an increase to your business's return on investment.

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Workforce Collaboration

What about stakeholders in the workforce who need the future of viewing and analyzing data from remote areas that are important to their business? This could be viewing modeled real-time 3D assets, live video, or even 360-degree photos. What if your business connected multiple technologies together to further their abilities through virtual or augmented reality? Imagine being able to remotely view, analyze, and potentially mitigate issues of a remote area from the comfort of your office. Collaborating with your stakeholders inside these new mediums could help mitigate issues faster and provide new key insights that were not possible before.

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Final Thoughts

If your business is not actively looking into incorporating virtual or augmented reality into any aspects of your business, be prepared to fall behind. Many of the worlds largest brands have already implemented various applications and are actively researching new opportunities to expand their presence across their businesses.